Moog Music MF-107S • FreqBox
Moog Music MF-107S • FreqBox

Moog Music MF-107S • FreqBox

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A box of gnarly synced VCO sounds with envelope and FM modulation

About the MF-107S FreqBox

The MF-107S FreqBox is a re-invention of Moog Music’s classic MF-107S analog effects pedal.

The MF-1057 FreqBox, originally introduced in 2007, contained several complete modular synth functions: a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with variable waveshape capable of being hard synced and frequency modulated by the audio input, and an envelope follower which allowed the dynamics of the input signal to modulate the frequency of the VCO. In addition, the amplitude of the VCO was controlled by the dynamics of the input signal, and the VCO could be mixed with the audio input. A direct descendant of the original Moog modular synthesizers, the MF-107 was adapted to process, modulate, and play with inputs ranging from guitar, voice, and synthesizer to any imaginable audio source.

The MF-107 FreqBox has been meticulously recreated as the MF-107S, capturing not only the jagged, freaky sounds of the original, but also the organic way in which the parameters interact to create a musical playing experience.

With CV interconnectivity, stereo functionality, an extended feature set, the ability to run multiple instances, and presets, the MF-107S plug-in further tailors the classic Moogerfooger functionality to the modern digital creator.


MF-107S Expands on Classic Moogerfooger Pedal

The MF-107S also introduces unique features not seen on the hardware instrument, including:

OSCILLATOR switches between the MONO oscillator of the original or two independent left/right oscillators for STEREO syncing.

ENVELOPE CONTROLS affect whether the envelope follower controls the FREQUENCY and LEVEL of the FreqBox as in the original or only the FREQUENCY.

The MF-107S offers CV Inputs for Oscillator Frequency, Waveform, Envelope Amount, FM Amount, and Mix, as well as the capability to attenuate or soften these modulations.


  • For macOS 10.13 Intel or Apple Silicon, Windows 10 64-bit Intel systems or newer
  • Supported plug-in formats include VST3, AudioUnits, and Pro Tools AAX