Moog Music MF-109S • Saturator
Moog Music MF-109S • Saturator

Moog Music MF-109S • Saturator

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A powerful saturation tool based on the classic Moogerfooger input drive stage that adds warmth, distortion, and compression to any sound

About the MF-109S Saturator

The MF-109S Saturator is a new software-only effect which emerged out of the development of the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins.

A major component of each Moogerfooger is its input drive stage, which is able to add warmth, distortion, and crunch to a sound. During beta testing, it became clear that users wanted dynamic control over the drive circuit of the Moogerfoogers, so the MF-109S was born.

The MF-109S Saturator is able to move from tight, dynamic overdrive and analog saturation to smooth compression and expansion by pairing a wide-range envelope follower with bipolar control over the unique drive circuit of the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins. Further, it models the noise generator circuit of the Minimoog Model D and allows for control of both noise generator level and noise tone with switchable filter type. The MF-109S Saturator's envelope follower and noise CV outputs and multiple CV inputs allow it to speak with all of the other Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins.

New MF-109S Expands on Classic Moogerfooger Sound

The MF-109S features a host of unique settings, including:

ENVELOPE switches between a MONO envelope follower or creates two separate left and right envelope followers for STEREO dynamics.

RESPONSE affects how the curve of the envelope follower is shaped by the incoming dynamics of your input.

TONE switches the filter type of the NOISE circuit.

NOISE allows for a phase-inverted NOISE signal routed in stereo.

The MF-109S offers CV Inputs for Drive, Drive Envelope Amount, Noise Level, Noise Envelope Amount, and Noise Tone, as well as the capability to attenuate or soften these modulations.


  • For macOS 10.13 Intel or Apple Silicon, Windows 10 64-bit Intel systems or newer
  • Supported plug-in formats include VST3, AudioUnits, and Pro Tools AAX