Morley Hum X Exterminator • Boxed Version

Morley Hum X Exterminator • Boxed Version

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Boxed Edition

Exterminate ground hum at the source! Filters unwanted low voltage from ground line that cause ground Hum while maintaining ground connection. Simply plug Hum X into the offending outlet and plug your equipment into Hum X. That's it! Max current draw 6 amps. LED indicator and two-year warranty.

Features include:

• Eliminate Ground Loop at the source

• Filters unwanted currents and voltages in the Ground line while maintaining safe ground

• Simply place on end of power plug and plug Hum X into wall outlet

• LED shows that Hum X is working

• Suitable for 120 Volt North American Type A or B outlets only

• Maximum recommended current draw 6 Amps