TASCAM TM-200SG • Compact AV Shotgun Microphone

TASCAM TM-200SG • Compact AV Shotgun Microphone

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The Videographer's Choice for Recording Audio in the Field!

The TASCAM TM-200SG microphone is a compact shotgun microphone for vlogging, video shooting, and any situation where fixed audio isn't an option. The microphone delivers high-quality, mix-ready audio in a rugged, small form-factor.

Lightweight and Small Form Factor for Maximum Audio Quality With Minimal Visual Intrusion

The TASCAM TM-200SG was designed to be heard, not seen. The perfect balance of audio replication and small form factor mean this microphone will be the least of your worries while shooting in the field.

Super-Cardioid Directivity for Focused, Clean Audio

The TASCAM TM-200SG intelligently recognizes the audio you want to capture while leaving unwanted sounds behind. Post-production is a breeze with audio captured by the TASCAM TM-200SG.

Built-In Low Cut Filter for Easy Environmental Noise Reduction

Wind and environmental hum can reduce the quality of the audio and create headaches in post-production. By utilizing the natural-sounding low-cut, you're saving time downstream without cutting into vital frequencies you have captured.

Windscreen, Mic Clip with Shock Mount, and Soft Case Included

Included are essential microphone accessories — a mic clip with shoe mount, and soft protective case allowing you to set up in the field and record right away.

Features at a glance:

• Easy to handle: compact and light weight form factor

• Super-cardioid directivity

• Built-in low-cut filter for wind or other low frequency noise reduction

• Operates with +48 phantom power supply

• Windscreen, mic clip with shoe mount, soft case included